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From 1st June 2015, all Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors of hazardous chemical products are required to classify and label their products to CLP and comply with the new Safety Data Sheet (SDS) requirements, before placing them on the market. The focus of this workshop is to highlight the changes in classification system and its major impacts on labelling and supply of chemical products within the EU. The adoption of the new labelling requirements, whether business to business or business to consumer, has posed its own challenges and this will also be discussed. We will highlight some of the difficulties SMEs are facing in adopting the new classification and labelling requirements, in addition to the associated infrastructure and costs.
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At a glance

Here is a summary of what you can expect from this course.

  • 3 day in-person workshop

  • A copy of our Hazcom course manual

  • Practical exercises to put your knowledge into practice

  • Interaction with our expert

Royal Society of Chemistry Approved Training

This workshop is approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) as an approved course counting towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit hours.

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How you will benefit from this course

  • Cost-effective

    An intimate workshop with access to our experts and the opportunity to ask questions relevant to your company.

  • Knowledge

    Unlock valuable knowledge and practical tools to help you comply with regulatory requirements for your products

  • Stay ahead of the curve

    Access the latest regulatory and scientific information delivered by leading experts in the field.

Topics to be Covered during this workshop

Classification, Labelling and Packaging

Gain an understanding of the main principles and learn how to navigate the regulatory text. At the end of the topic you will know and understand your obligations according to your role in the supply chain. 

Poison Centre Notifications 

Learn which of your products fall under the requirements of Annex VII of CLP (EU Poison Centre Notifications) and require notifying and by when. Furthermore, you will learn and understand which information is required and how to undertake a notification to the Member State Poison Centres. 

Safety Data Sheets 

You will gain a full understanding of the requirements of a REACH compliant SDS and identify the skills and resources needed to create them 

eSDS and Exposure Scenarios 

Understand what are the main obligations of extended Safety Data Sheets and when you should receive Exposure Scenarios from your supply chain and what information to pass downstream.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, participants will understand

  • The basics and regulatory background of Hazard Communication within the EU, from assessing and concluding the hazard classification of chemical substances and mixtures, to determining the necessary safe use information into the safety data sheet, to poison centre obligations.
  • Principles of EU hazard communication based on the Classification, Labelling, Packaging (CLP 1272/2008) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS 2015/830) regulations CLP, SDS / eSDS authoring
  •  Hazard classification determination for both substances and mixtures
  • Regulatory obligations for SDS authoring and poison centre notification

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Join our leading scientific and regulatory expert in this interactive workshop

Senior Hazard Communication Consultant

Fiona Moir

Fiona Moir is an experienced Safety Data Sheet author who can correctly classify substances and mixtures to the CLP regulation and other global classification systems. She compiles globally compliant product labels, including aspects of additional regulations such as the Biocidal Products Regulation, Detergents Directive and the Aerosols Dispensers Directive. She has been delivering Hazard Communication training to professionals in a wide range of industries.

Who should attend?

This workshop will be most relevant to:

  • SDS authors

  • Label authors

  • Third party regulatory consultants

  • Anyone working in hazard and risk assessments

  • Downstream users of chemicals

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