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Yordas Insight offers various training solutions including in-person and virtual classrooms, webinars, and e-learning courses for professionals seeking continuous professional development in chemical compliance and sustainability. Our courses provide users with practical knowledge and tools that they can apply in their work environment.

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As you invest in your professional growth, Insight Plus rewards you with exclusive benefits, ensuring a seamless learning experience. Choose us for unparalleled support and knowledge.

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  • Access to a comprehensive content library featuring e-learning courses that include practical exercises, quizzes and handouts, which are valuable resources to support compliance and keep up-to-date with industry best practice

  • Benefit from our structured in-person classrooms designed for individuals and teams looking to gain in-depth knowledge. With Insight Plus, you receive a 30% discount on all classroom workshops for you and your team.

  • Use our course player on your desktop, laptop and mobile device.

How you gain from Insight Plus?

  • Unlimited access to our course library

    Unlimited access to Yordas Insight's growing library of e-learning courses as well as webinars

  • Discounts for you and your team

    30% discount on any in-house training and virtual or in-person classrooms

  • Certificates and CPD hours

    Obtain completion certificates and CPD hours to meet your ongoing professional development requirements

  • A wealth of up-to-date knowledge

    World-leading insight from 50+ highly trained, professional instructors with years of relevant field experience

Insight Plus subscriptions start from EUR 500

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